We believe in understanding the past to design for the future. Our historic environment is a precious cultural resource and our aim is to prevent problems and enhance presentation our historic environment.

As conservation architects the basis of our approach is simple: understanding place and significance, diagnosing problems and responding with cost effective solutions that will last long into the future.

We understand the difference between a hairline crack and a serious problem, causes of damp and decay, and the difference between a gently leaning wall and a significant longer-term issue.

James Mackintosh is conservation accredited and has over 15 years’ experience of restoration and the careful and seemly repair of listed buildings, which led to his accreditation in 2013 and being made an assessor for the AABC in 2018. James has been responsible for managing and leading condition surveys for several the nations most loved Country Houses.

Engaging a conservation accredited architect to carry out a condition survey prior to undertaking alterations has the following benefits:

  • We can appreciate how the building works and where it is failing and can provide a strategy for repair and alteration which avoids long term problems.

  • Repairs and alterations can be designed to help retain historic fabric that would otherwise have to be removed.

  • Unpicking unsympathetic repairs, upgrading the performance of old buildings and saving historic fabric is a key public benefit that can be used in supporting applications for listed building consent.

  • Repairs and alterations can be coordinated by 1 professional avoiding doubling up professional time and costs.

Our condition surveys aim to identify and diagnose causes of decay, rather than to refer problems to other specialists.

Where specialist input is unavoidable, we shortlist these, so they are easy to identify.